Episode 104: 156 Hours


This episode contains: The show is 2 years old… sort of, Steven’s mind is blown, 156 hours of content, Patreon bonus shows, Ben and Martine in Vegas, Dorst loses at craps, pools of money, luck vs. gut, life wins, working in Vegas, The Beatles Love, Help, Beatle-mania, lots of “Love” talk, Across the Universe, explaining Cirque, ballet, Dorst cries… again, being a Beatles fan, VR, the visceral experience, majority of the way sober, crying vs. misty, Steven’s routine with Emily, being alone with the baby, taking care of the kids, messy kids, Steven buys a video game with gambling money, growlers, Assassins Creed, walking babies, Destiny vs. Assassins Creed vs. Star Wars Battlefront, the first Americans, brilliant marketing, video game spoilers, crazy Star Wars theories, nerds burning down movie theaters, Star Wars is going to crush at theaters.

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