Episode 120: Man of my Girth


This episode contains: Episode number podcast, terrible podcasts, Matt doesn’t listen, dirty talk, heavy sandwiches, Guy Fieri, man buns, Dorst has pretty hair, Steven won’t party at Devon’s party, Steven leaving church, going to mass, chess jokes, Deadpool, game changers, Wolverine, comic books are screwed up, Disney has been on a good run, Star Wars teaser trailer, how we think Episode 8 should start, Star Wars Rebels, nose blowing, bonus shows, things Steven said, Dorst gets mad, Oreo cookie game, are we still friends, Bone Tomahawk, mostly Reel Stupid, much money, state of California taxes, terrible hacks, pile of tissues, tongue stones, slamming doors, 50 pesos, being cryptic, HIV email bit, Steven does research, reverse image search, Dorst dives down a porn rabbit hole, Ashley Brooks, Google hangouts, scamming the scammers, reverse cat fishing.

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