Episode 121: Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying


This episode contains: We are secretive, full loads, emails, vaccinations work, promiscuity, Dorst was a slut, sowing your royal oats, Coming to American, ball washing, Arsenio Hall, America is stupid, Europe loves boobs, Wire fi, remote internet dicks, Dorst loves English DJ’s, VR is coming, Google cardboard, simulated movie theaters, we are in the time of creation, secret millionaires, buying cellphones is boring, who our cellphone carriers are, Dorst is old, modular phones, what are we drinking, conditioning for the bachelor party, PBS fan chart, email from CJN, what’s busy, Dorst is busy, get busy living, Dorst gives advice, Cosmos are good, Sex in the City, horse face, banging Ferris Bueller, Clint hates women, digital copies of movies, tease for the bonus show, the end of the spam email bit, Martine kills another bit

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