Episode 122: Word Problems


This episode contains: Steven is OCD, Let it Go, not getting our emails responded to, big time, new show on the network, Canadian? “aboot”, Horribly Awkward Podcast, Ludwig from Germany, bonus show “recap”, VerbalVerkehr, Reel Stupid fan number 99, fits in where it get in, stinky arm pits, having Ludwig back on the show, Reddit show, 50,000 downloads, regular Monday show, impact of our show, , CJN email where we draw the line, categories, Steven has a half brother, what’s possible, Steven makes a terrible joke, math problems, pictures that we want, family tree, stepping up and being a man, email from Henno, Steven gets corrected, pivot tables, some stuff, personal part of the email, Sexy email, email from Britt, sandwiches, in the genes, Bubba has a follow up at the hospital, psych evaluations may be bogus, the finale of Man on a High Castle, spoilers, Dorst didn’t finish it.

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