Episode 123: Horribly Awkward

Awkward Spiderman

This episode contains: Dorst was sick, different colors of green, Jon is doing a bit, Jon finally breaks character, Horrible Gamerz, social anxiety, getting outside of your comfort zone, Jon’s guests, living in Fresno, Jon’s not Canadian, the age podcast, how did you find us? Jon’s day job, steam cleaning, rewinding, graffiti, thug life, Jon’s dream, good radio, the magic of editing, we should go on Horribly Awkward, daylight saving, rapid fire questions, good bits, sweeping up poop, wacky bits, number one crop in the US, Dorst’s new house, CJN’s email, pictures of people, we got it wrong, second place Lindsey, Kelly Osbourne, family trees, CJN can’t grow a beard, she’s a whore, Dorst speaks in circles, Sloane hates Sloane Steel, the reason CJN went to school, Tea Bag Garrett invites us for beers, Ben makes it awkward, Ghostbusters trailer, actresses from Ghostbusters, Steven doesn’t know what he is saying any more, bad CGI, the thing that made the first Ghostbuters, bad jokes, why was this movie made, one line from the original is funnier than the whole trailer for the reboot, Civil War trailer, Spidey suit, theories, death toll from Avengers, plot holes. Make sure you stay for the stinger this week!

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