Episode 124: Keep an Open Mind


This episode contains: Still numbering, talking at the same time, Dorst bought a house, escrow, writing more checks, house nerd, FHA loans, first time home buyer, on air lights, going to the Dorst’s, selling heaters, HVAC, weather talk, house rules, bounce house place, check ups, people are bigger now, shots, Bubba tried to escape, Bubba’s evaluation, interview, Steven is happy, people are crazy, the Delmarva, the triangle, accents, kick ass bow shop, more nicknames, conspiracy theories, Bigfoot, hide and seek, possessions, EVP’s, the country was founded by conspiracies, we run through famous theories, Steven is a sceptic, Art Bell, just ice, true believers, reptilian underlords, tall whites, auto erotic asphyxiation, bom, bom, bom, presidential candidates could be the zodiac killer, news is entertainment, The Walking Dead, serious collectors, Gidget doesn’t like to read, Civil War trailer, Dorst explains everything, X D Experience favorite theories and beer, every one is carrying, Batman vs. Ironman, Baltimore accent, Batman vs. Superman talk, watching movies with kids, Barbara Gordon, Justice League cast, Steven has a brain flash, strong female leads, Gotham, Penguin, Joker.

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