Episode 125: Hand, Foot and Mouth


This episode contains: Dumb bits, Steven has hand, foot and mouth, Ben wants a rewind, Parvo, shaking in bed, poison oak, calls to the county, Martine is going to hate Dorst, recap of the birthday party, Emily is patient zero, spending time with Dorst, Dorst’s dad, Jesus, hard work praying to the Lord, Dorst’s house, “I like girls cause they’re squishy”, Dorst has issues, Steven is distracted, NSFW, The Chive, Dorst’s family, Dorst’s house some more, drinking in the backyard, home inspections, shout out to Dorst’s realtor, the Dorst’s like to entertain, polishing a turd, Travis, horses, Steven has a dad moment, mini farmers market, lime for the Kraken, too much fruit, Daredevil talk, Steven finished it, hours of softball, Steven is not allowed to call the podcast a job anymore, visual senses, The Punisher in Daredevil vs. the comics, Punisher garb, should the Punisher get a show, Netflix is killing it, we try to read an email but punt.

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