Episode 126: Vlad the Impaler


This episode contains: Numbering, worst fears, ass-blowout, too may kids, keys and cars, softball, kids sports, remembering codes, Apple and the FBI, Steven helps his grandma, Ben and weed, cool teachers, Steven buys a new car, Steven inconveniences his parents, Steven prefers to be inside or is just lazy, building outdoor furniture, even more Criminal Justice Nick, jail bait issues, Vladimir, we don’t know the people we’re talking about, visual aids, allowing fans on the show?, PBS is “The Big Show,” WTF is Snapchat?, Rogue One trailer should be out soon, CJN family tree, we’re still grammar Nazis, Ben-Hur and the Ten Commandments, more F’d up family, the “Eddie” curse, “A Spade calling a Spade a Spade,” CJN puts Ben’s family to shame (in a bad way), proof reading.

Do you agree with everything we say?! Tell us!

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