Episode 127: #AliLife


This episode contains: A blown his intro, Popsicle in a Sailor Jerry’s rum drink, forgotten music clips, Allie vs Ali, Floating Butterflies and Stinging Bees, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., Producer Clint, a man who was twitter before there was twitter, Viet Nam and suspension, #AliLife, office March Madness bracket wins, explaining odds, gambling, Fantasy Football, return of the Mark Anelli drinking game, the winnings are already spent, Devon has to throw up down, there is going to be a bachelor party recap show, spoilers: Dorst has a refined beer palate, planning the drinking at the party, Steven and Devon once almost finished a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, does Ben need alcohol to have a good time?, avoiding people we don’t know,  new house and new equipment, punishing a kid with the terrible threes, busy boards and a planetary orrery, a fascination with Pinterest, signing loan paperwork with full names, taking possession of a slightly damaged car, Sync and Sync 3, the Fusion is a grandma car, trading in old cars and car-seats, Emily says no to a man-bun, old friends in the service bay, Dorst has limo tinted windows because kids, Killing Joke looks awesome, Disney misspells Hamill’s name, new Criminal Justice Nick email, the blue haired girl and Boba Fett, girls in pictures, heights, age of consent, CJN joins our periscope, #BenBusy, Gryffindor points and shirts, grammar, patrons, recording and listening, number of episodes and CJN listening from high school, grandparent nicknames, CJN will come on the show! Eventually.

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