Episode 128: Walking the Road of Souls


This episode contains: Joined by Special Bachelor Party Guest Devon Craft, going on hikes, walking the Road of Souls, the highest point in San Francisco, starting the story at the end, doing illegal things, buying drugs, Dorst’s heavy shoes, Steven keeping tabs on Devon’s drunk, getting lost looking for the hotel, Dorst almost locking Steven out if the hotel, Lawless and Dorst had words while one of them was screaming into the night, the possibility of walking through tunnels, Steven was missing from Dorst’s room and he almost left everyone, hotel room keys are fucking stupid, Dorst almost got kicked out of the hotel because of a demagnetized hotel key, cheesy fries and potato skins made Devon very happy, hotel keys are the bane of Steven’s existence, Brian the Canadian farts anywhere and everywhere, Devon calls the Bachelor Party a success- considering the people and activities involved, halfway through the podcast and Steven and Ben finally give Devon a chance to talk, high quality strip club food, Devon loves spaghetti, Penthouse Club didn’t reply to Steven’s emails- but they pulled through in the end, no cover charge and VIP service, the day started with a Giants v Dodgers game, awesome hits, awesome game, beer gardens, rain delay of game, Hell or High Watermelon, we vote on the LVP and MVP of the bachelor party.

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