Episode 129: Put it in the Bag


This episode contians: Last show in Dorst’s old house, Dorst is getting a sound board, get ready for a quality show, double recording, something happened on Reel Stupid, time travel is hard, insurance money, Dorst gets mad, no recording, you can’t recreate the show, new format for RSP, gun safety course, random guns on the street, Steven thinks guns are scary, Steven’s gun story, CJN doesn’t know about video stores, Steve breaks shit, box of SD cards, Steven and a girl, Britney Murphy was in charge, over coat in summer, if Steven was Daredevil, salt and pepper, three strikes, the prison system, solitary confinement, the death penalty, Rogue One trailer, Leia in Star Wars, over compensation, strong female leads, can Edna watch Empire? Women in movies, Edna watching movies, who are the good guys.

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