Episode 130: Organic Growth


This episode contains: Steven sounds like he is on the phone,kick ass intro, shitty rappers, interrupted by Periscope, it’s been a long time since we recorded, Steven’s angry, Devon got married, we got a house, #BenBusy, softball recap, 0% of 0%,Steven in Santa Cruz, The Boardwalk, no one trusts Steven’s directions, Five Guys, Iota is back, Steven is mean, Steven gets cold, ponchos, hot tub time, suits on, wedding recap, off schedule, Steven hates public speaking, dropping the rings,Dorst’s tab, tonguing the whiskey bottle, corn chunks in diapers, Steven tours his office, @eternaldriver, no more squirter,our show was not good in the beginning, low energy Steven,organic growth, Ben’s new dad, Steve go creepy, SLOANE,characters, donate more, bit drunk, lots of acronyms, mobile home, no more weddings, being the best man is hard, ads on Periscope, chem trails are real according to Chuck Norris, we run out of ideas, second live show? Game of Thrones, no berating, Dorst loves GOT, Steven hates GOT, Dorsts new living room, Dorst has too many TV’s, TV stuff on GOT, Jon Snow is dead, the Red Woman, books vs TV shows, spear to the back of the head,biggest GOT fan we know, Elvis and Nixon, GOT rating, extinctions happen.

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