Episode 131: No Pants Podcast


This episode contains: Steven in still on the phone, not used to the new studio, the guys are fat now, Dorst is meh, Dorst takes his pants off, Dorst’s dick, Elasta Girl, Dorst asks Steven a question, cartoon porn, BBS, we need a dial up sound, old computer tech talk, bit map porn, How fast can Dorst get porn? Dorst play by play of porn, hentai, Dropping Loads, What race is Pouch? Floppy disks, boobies, wet, Sears catalog, Steven wacked it as his grandparents house, special things, calling during the download, Periscope people, Steven’s parents, virtual reality pussy, pocket pussies, Steven won’t say who, rubber tube of cum in the dishwasher, How did we get here? The Joys of Sex, banging in the room with JB, planning our commercials, henno, still not wearing pants, finger in the butthole, audio issues, #toobusy, Maureen thinks the government is causing the drought, property prices in California, God’s AC, The Big Short, Jurassic World, San Andreas, Force Awakens, “We’re not in a drought”, conspiracy theories, the science of seeding clouds, TV never lies, Back to the Future predicted 9-11, telling your mother in law she’s an idiot, prophesising the future, What’s the reason for the drought? Chemtrails, Dorst’s kids watch Force Awakens, rock rap crossovers, Public Enemy and Anthrax, Run DMC and Aerosmith, “yall stupid”, Steven sees all the movies, Dorst likes Force Awakens more now, Dorst’s kids love Force Awakens, Finn action figure, Breanne of Tarth, Darth Trump, Star Wars bored game, Risk, Guess Who.

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