Episode 132: Epicanthic Folds


This episode contains: Civil War spoilers, history, googling the Civil War, punishments from the bonus show, quiz about Civil War, more Civil War spoilers, copper heads, Democrats, free blacks, still fighting for equality, Steven went to a softball game, serious girls, shit field, gender inequality, little league vs. softball, instant feminist, Dorst is all in on softball, Drunk in a 20’s movie, artificial mounds, what happened to Nipomo softball, is Dorst going to be on the board? Small town politics, they are a team, coaching has been good for Dorst, Dorst didn’t watch Empire, Dorst is old, ATWT, we are not professional, Steven remembers weird things, Dorst leaves Steven speechless, shirt shop, emails, Teabag Garret, left in some stories, taking it in the ass, box cutters, Tommy has a church, swapping, Steven is mean to Iota, Teabag’s wife, big dick, out kicking your coverage, stereotypes, #BenBusy, giving Iota shit, being on strike sucks, Fuck you Verizon, going to the Brew House, locking your keys in the truck, random Chinese people, old house vs. new house, “you have a very beautiful home”, Chinese eyes, Disney characters, Steven never lets people in his house, Epicanthic folds, handy in the bathroom, can Iota be invited to Dorst’s house? Tommy, schtick, text shorthand, Iota of a fuck, shits getting real, multiple wives, rough patches, go be church somewhere else, God is dead, gang bang, 911 call from 12 states away, too late for counseling, church lady, Dorst is compatible, Disney guy, gluten free, blog writer, in the bathroom for 20 minutes, where the poop comes out, sexual positions in the bathroom, Dorst is going to break it down, Dorst had a gun pulled on him, squirter, check your ho.

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