Episode 138: Beaver Pelts


This episode contains: Given up fighting, beaten in to submission, coming to a close, secrets, when would you know it’s done? New button, “That’s racist”, what we do, secret conversations, belated Happy Father’s day, dogs equal kids, nerding out, Nidhogg, horned penis, the Humble Bundle, free games, Human Resource Machine, Swordfish references, Mini Metro, game donations, Voltron, more Father’s Day, Warcraft is bad, more Warcraft talk, the Chinese love Warcraft, Warcraft popularity, Dorst’s Xbox may not be plugged in, Finding Dory spoilers, secrets from Edna, OG buttons, salsa pots, more migraines, Paulina Gretzky, US Open, Warcraft vs. US Open Golf, weird tattoos, Game of Thrones, Battle of the Bastards, blown budgets, horses, bad puns, PETA, red paint, railroad, Outlander, revisionist history, fancy joystick, #watchguy, Elite Dangerous

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