Episode 139: No Pump Tommen

2016-06-28 15.44.15

This episode contains: Brian and Courtney clip, eighteen beers in, Dorst doesn’t drink during the shows any more, disappointing Julia, new app, all out of whiskey, morning shock jocks, Copa de America, Facebook translator, Brexit, 401k takes a dump, so close to the end, live show screwed up Dorst, SLO county is expensive, median and mean, renting versus buying, top five most expensive counties, Periscope, interneting poorly, poor doctors and lawyers, Hawaii is more expensive than SLO, Dorst reads, housing market is crazy, prostituting to make an extra buck, Steven’s house may be worse now, coming out of the recession, Dorst explains tax benefits, huge checks, top three most affordable counties to live in, statistics can be misleading, power outages, water in Fresno, Steven says something terrible, having to do the podcast, brown outs, California is on fire, Winter is here, GOT talk, the best season finale ever?  Spoilers, we read headlines, our theories on GOT, zig zag, The Rock is hard working, The Rock is connected to 19 movies, Patreon bonus show, future bonus shows, #DevonBusy

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